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Affordable Health Care for America Act

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BERKLEY. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for your extraordinary work.

Every day I receive calls from dedicated physicians who tell me that if this 21 percent cut goes through they are no longer going to be able to continue to treat their Medicare patients. They're not threatening me when they say it. They're talking the truth. They simply can no longer afford to treat their senior patients.

Doctors are small business people. They've got payrolls to make and rent to pay, utilities, just like the rest of us; but time is long past due to permanently fix the way doctors in this country get compensated for treating Medicare patients. We need to fix this SGR. We need to fix it permanently.

We're playing a very dangerous political game with our seniors' health care, and we are forcing doctors to make unspeakable choices. I am supporting this 6-month fix to keep the doctors working and to give seniors the health care that they deserve and that they are entitled to, but I would urge my Republican colleagues in the Senate that they should do what's right by the American people and let's get this thing permanently fixed.


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