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Issue Position: Common Sense Reform

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

No to the Congressional Pension: It is a privilege to serve the people of Arkansas in Congress; it is not about earning perks. I will not accept a congressional pension when elected. American taxpayers already pay too much to fund government; there is no need for them to pay for my life after I return home from serving as a citizen legislator. Currently, a Member of Congress is fully vested in the pension plan after five years; I will work to pass legislation that brings the congressional pension plan in line with other federal employees.

Yes to Suspending Congressional Pay: Congress ought to pass appropriations (spending) bills on time, every year. When it doesn't, Member's pay should be suspended until the bills are passed. Congress' now-routine failure to pass spending bills on time leads to massive omnibus spending bills that get scant debate on the floor due in large part to their size, making them an easy target for wasteful earmarks. Congress needs to follow its own rules!

No to Automatic Congressional Pay Raise: The automatic "cost of living' adjustment for Members of Congress is an insult to the struggling families and record long-term jobless in our country. I will not accept the automatic pay raise. I will offer legislation to do away with it and require any increase in compensation to be voted on publicly.

Yes to the 72-hour Rule: Transparency is what Arkansans are demanding from their elected officials and non-emergency legislation should be posted online for public review at least 72 hours prior to a vote. As your congressman, I will support an amendment to the House rules to require a 72-hour online review window for legislation and conference reports.

Yes to Self-Imposed Term Limits: Our Republic was created with "citizen legislators' in mind, not career ones. I will support a Constitutional amendment to limit the terms one can serve in Congress. Furthermore, I pledge to limit myself to 6 terms (or 12 years) in the House, the duration supported by many in the Tea Party movement.

No to Earmarks: The earmark process has led to the corruption of our system. As your next congressman, I will oppose earmarks. Proposed spending projects should undergo a thorough and transparent authorization and appropriations process to determine their worthiness.

Yes to Frequent Town Halls: I will hold frequent town hall meetings in every county of the Second District to ensure accountability and transparency. I will be accessible to constituents and make an appointment to visit with them where they live instead of asking them to make an appointment with my office.

Yes to Arkansas, Not Party: I will vote for the common sense conservative values that we hold dear in Arkansas -- values which are being ignored in Washington. As your next congressman, the voice of Arkansans will be my priority

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