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No Budget, No Plan to Govern


Location: Little Rock, AR

Second District Congressional candidate, U.S. Army Reservist and former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin today issued the following statement after the Nancy Pelosi-led Congress announced it would forgo passing a budget resolution for FY 2011:
"If you cannot budget, you cannot govern. Speaker Pelosi's House is two months overdue on the budget and today chose not to pass one - another sign of disrespect to the American taxpayer. Speaker Pelosi's team has no plan to govern, other than to spend more of our money as part of their misguided reliance on government.

"Families all across Arkansas have to set a budget to live within their means. Congress should do the same -- it's common sense."

The House of Representatives has never failed to pass a budget since current budget rules were passed in 1974. Under the Budget Act of 1974, Congress was to complete action on passing a budget resolution on April 15.

Griffin has proposed suspending congressional pay when Members fail to meet spending deadlines.

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