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Affordable Healthcare for America Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCOTT of Georgia. We have a unique opportunity today. I've heard from the other side, the Republicans, who are saying that they want to have a permanent fix. We on the Democratic side have shown that by pushing forward, we had a $68 billion bill that went over to the Senate that would do that.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, people all across this Nation are paining, they are crying to see this House of Representatives work in a bipartisan way, and there is no more critical or important issue to show that than on this issue.

The future of our health care system rests on the ability to be able to have our physicians to be able to receive payment for their services. I've talked to physicians--I talked to a group of them today--and many of them not only are refusing to serve Medicare patients now, but they're losing hope in the health care system.

We've just passed a new health care bill. It's going to bring 37 million more people on, many of them are going to be senior citizens. We're growing more senior citizens. Let's be fair to our physicians. Let's save our health care system. And let us come together as Democrats and Republicans this day and come back and get a permanent fix on this issue.


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