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Week in Review 6/14 To 6/18


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Waste Reduction

In 2010 alone, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting received approximately $420 million of Federal funding, which equates to approximately 13% of its total income being derived from taxpayer money. While the Corporation for Public Broadcasting does air some quality programming, it is a private, non-profit organization that is perfectly capable of sustaining itself without the American taxpayers footing the bill, as most of its funding already comes from other sources.

To address the concerns with corporate subsidizing and to tame unfettered Federal government spending, I co-sponsored legislation introduced by Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) that would amend the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit all Federal funding from being directed to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after FY2012.

Given the current national debt of nearly $13 trillion, it is imperative that Congress take steps to discontinue or reassess funding non-essential services.

I encourage you to view the provisions of this bill by clicking here.

Animal Rights

This week I co-sponsored legislation introduced by Representative Elton Gallegly (R-CA) that would amend section 48, of title 18 in the United States Code and seeks to prohibit the sale of videos, photography, or electronic images that depict animals intentionally being crushed, drowned, impaled, or burned. This bill is an updated version of H.R. 5092 which further clarifies that depictions of fishing, hunting, and trapping are exempt.

I have a strong interest in ensuring that all animals are treated humanely and will look for future opportunities to support legislation that seeks greater protection for them.

To view the full version of this legislation, click here.


As part of my continuing effort to reduce government interference in privately-owned businesses, I co-sponsored legislation that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from imposing Network Neutrality regulations with regard to the Internet.

Introduced by Representative Marsh Blackburn (R-TN), H.R. 3924 takes steps to achieve the goals of reduced government intervention in the private sector and helps prevent unelected bureaucrats in the FCC from further controlling the Internet.

I encourage you to read H.R. 3924 by clicking here.

Foreign Affairs Update

Over the past month there has been much discussion around the world concerning the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, in that discussion, not enough has been said in support of Israel's right to defend herself against terrorists and those who would assist terrorists in their mission to destroy the State of Israel. That is why I was proud to join my colleagues in the House of Representatives to send a bipartisan letter to President Barack Obama asking that he reassert our country's commitment to Israel and to support her at the United Nations Security Council. Israel has long been our staunch ally in a sometimes violent and unpredictable region of the world. We must not allow other countries who have a long-standing hatred of the Israeli state to undermine her right to security and liberty.

Please click here to read this bipartisan letter.

Blog of the Week

This week, President Obama called for an "emergency" infusion of nearly $23 billion to help shore up state and local governments. The Administration claims this money is needed to save the jobs of thousands of teachers who face lay-offs due to reductions in state and local budgets. Just last year over $50 billion was allocated from stimulus funds to do the very same thing. And though billions of dollars in stimulus funds remain unused, the President is asking for new money to be appropriated to the state and local governments. The current Administration failed to deliver on its promises to turn the economy around last year, which is no surprise given its job-killing agenda. Now it comes to the taxpayer once again seeking more money and more time. And the real beneficiaries of this additional spending won't be our children and their education, but rather the powerful teachers' unions the President and his party will need for the November elections.
The unfortunate result of increasing dependence on the Federal government by states and local communities is that once the money runs out, the instinct is to just seek more from Washington. On top of increasing our already unsustainable debt, such "emergency" funds have created an atmosphere where Federal dollars are expected and the normal limits of budgets no longer apply. If the state faces a budget shortfall, rather than cutting back like the average citizen would, the state can forestall making tough decisions and come to Congress for another handout. It's time we end the growing dependency of the state and local communities on Washington. We need to expect government to be as responsible with the taxpayers' money as every American family has to be with his own.

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