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Kingston Applauds DOT Peanut Announcement


Location: Washington, DC

Calls on department to continue scientifically-based decision making.

Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA), the Ranking Republican on the House Agriculture Appropriations Committee, released the following statement after an announcement by the Department of Transportation that would block a proposed ban on peanuts aboard commercial airlines:

"No scientific evidence exists to justify the proposed restriction on peanuts," said Kingston. "I applaud the Secretary LaHood and the Department of Transportation for this decision and hope that science, not emotion, will continue determining the course with respect to this case."

While the DOT had proposed banning peanuts aboard commercial airlines on June 8, existing statute requires the Department submit a peer-reviewed scientific study to Congress before taking such action. Without a determination that passengers could suffer severe reactions to peanuts or peanut-products, any such ban would be prohibited.

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