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Blog: President Uses Gulf Oil Spill to Push for Cap-and-Trade


Location: Washington, DC

The possibility that President Obama will use this catastrophe in the Gulf to reignite a push for a cap-and-trade national energy tax is very real despite the two having very little to do with one another. After all, this legislation will not address the problem in front of us of oil still spilling into the Gulf, and it will not help prevent future spills.

It seems that the president is doing all he can to distract the public away from the fact that his administration has fumbled the ball in responding to this spill.

Whether that be making BP public enemy number one while overlooking the short sights of the federal government in overseeing the operations of this platform, or once again putting forth an unpopular policy in cap-and-trade to mislead the public into thinking that one is linked to the other.

The time is long overdue for the president to step up to the plate, abandon the rhetoric, stop pointing fingers, and come to grips with the magnitude of this disaster.

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