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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Dr. Rudolph "Rudy" Moise came to the United States from Haiti at the
age of 17, learned English, and earned his high school diploma. Rudy
continued his education later earning a medical degree, law degree, and
Master's Degree in Business. Rudy believes education is essential to realizing the American Dream and strongly supports initiatives which provide every child with a quality education. Rudy has two school-age children and believes every parent deserves to provide their child with the highest quality education possible.

No Child Left Behind

Rudy Moise says No Child Left Behind is nothing more than an unfunded mandate that leaves failing schools to fend for themselves as they attempt even the smallest reforms. Rudy applauds President Obama's ambitious move to overhaul the current policy and believes that any reform must bring all stakeholders to the table, particularly teachers, parents, and administrators.

Supporting Teachers

Rudy Moise says our teachers need increased support from schools and local, state, and federal governments. Career development, increased education, job security, and higher pay for teachers will improve our children's important education experience. Rudy pledges his full support to our educators and the education community as a whole.

Universal Pre-School

Rudy Moise believes access to early education is essential for our children's later success in education. He also believes that every child should have access to pre-school education regardless of their parents' income. Rudy will support legislation that improves and expands the current Head Start program to provide a free, quality pre-school education to all children.

Improving Opportunities for English Language Learners

As an immigrant, Rudy Moise believes that the opportunity to learn English is one of the most important forms of support that can be provided to our immigrant and non-English speaking community. Rudy will support
legislation that provides opportunities for adults and children alike to learn English and holds school administrations accountable to serve our diverse communities as best as possible.

Higher Education

The United States is home to one of the world's top systems of Higher
Education. The greatest problem in American Higher Education is the financial
barrier between students and a college education. Many Universities and
Colleges have exorbitant tuition and fees that students can not afford without some form of government support. Rudy Moise feels that higher education can be made more accessible to all Americans if we increase the availability of financial aid, reform the student loan system, and increase funding for vocational and technical education.

Expanding Access to Financial Aid

Rudy Moise realizes that the largest barrier to attending college is its
affordability. Therefore, he wants to increase the amount of federal aid available to students through programs such as the Pell Grant. Rudy Moise will support legislation increasing funding for the Pell Grant and efforts aimed at providing increased aid for students looking to attend college.

Reform Student Loan System

American college students do not have adequate access to much needed college loans. Parents and students borrow heavily in order to attend college. Rudy Moise believes that student loan interest should be tax deductible and options for deferment in instances of economic hardship should exist. He will support legislation that reforms the student loan system, creates loan forgiveness programs in exchange for public service, and makes student loan interest tax deductible. He supports President Obama's recently enacted plan to overhaul our current student loan system.

Increased Funding for Vocational and Technical Education

Rudy Moise supports educational reforms that are practical. He believes every
child should have the opportunity to pursue a college education; however, he
recognizes that many children may desire to pursue professional and technical careers. Because of this, schools need to offer programs that will train and prepare students for high quality, high paying jobs that do not require a college education. Rudy Moise will support legislation that will increase funding for Vocational and Technical Education Programs.

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