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Issue Position: Crime

Issue Position

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Dr. Rudolph "Rudy" Moise is a Colonel in the United States Air Force
Reserve. He joined the Air Force to continue his service to our community
and country. To help stop crime in our community, Rudy will fight for more
funding for community policing, better technology, and youth mentoring programs to give our children an alternative to gangs and crime.

Community Policing

Rudy believes that a key focus of federal resources should be on promoting crime prevention efforts at the state and local level. Community policing is geared towards developing relationships with individuals and organizations within our neighborhood and community. Rather than measuring the success of police efforts through arrest rates or response time, community policing shifts the focus to problem solving and addressing the root causes of crime. Rudy will strongly support continued funding of community policing programs in the state of Florida and he will work to keep our communities safer, friendlier, and crime free.

Youth Mentoring Programs

Rudy believes we are losing an entire generation of our young people to gangs and crime. He says its not enough to just be tough on crime, he says we also have to be smart on crime because we can't keep locking up more and more of our young men. As our next Congressman, Rudy will fight to protect and expand funding for youth mentoring, after school programs, and summer youth job programs that give our children an alternative to gangs and crime.

Fair Sentencing Policies

The United States has the highest prison population rate in the world. Rudy is tough on crime, but he believes it is important to be fair in distributing justice. With our country's prisons dangerously over capacity, it is time to reevaluate who we are sending to prison and look at alternatives that will keep our communities safer and ensure that those who have paid their debt to society are properly rehabilitated. Rudy believes that a key part of the solution includes shifting our focus more heavily onto treatment rather than prison and he believes we must address the racial disparities in sentencing that disproportionately send Black and Latino Americans through our criminal justice system. Rudy will fight for fair sentencing policies that ensure the punishment fits the crime.

Improving Crime Fighting Technology

The brave men and women responsible to enforce laws and keep our community safe, like police officers, often have outdated technologies and inadequate resources. Rudy knows that our focus should be on keeping our children and families safe and will fight for federal support of state and local law enforcement agencies in their quest to update crime-fighting technologies. He will also work tirelessly to ensure that federal law enforcement agencies are wellequipped to combat cyber-crime, organized crime, and the white collar crime which has the potential to destroy lives
by stealing the savings and retirement funds of so many hard-working and honest Americans.

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