Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

By:  Dennis Ross

"But the simple truth is that we've lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive." - Ronald Reagan

Where I Stand Series: Part 1 - Immigration
"Principled Solutions for Empowered Citizens"


The United States was founded by immigrants seeking a better life. No one, save descendants of Native Americans, can deny that their ancestors arrived in America from another land. Immigration has added a unique flavor and diversity to America that has made us a better place. One need only read the names and see the faces of America's great entrepreneurs, scientists, business leaders, teachers, doctors, and clergy to see that the face of America is the face of the world.

Today, however, the notion of an America that is both welcoming and unified in an American culture is being lost to the progressive notion of identity politics. It is that idea of immigration that I reject. I believe new immigrants to America should to required to; learn English, American civics and culture, have a job and be legally permitted to work, and participate in programs that promote assimilation. While America is better off for the diversity of heritage, culture, and talents that come to our shores, our nation, just like any nation, must have an identity that makes us who we are and most importantly, unifies us.

In addition, I believe that illegal immigration must be stopped. It is both a national security and a rule of law issue. From border fencing, local prosecution, and e-verify to a working visa system, verifiable guest worker program, and high tech job program, we must control our borders.


Immigration reform that is:

* Enforcement and security centered

* Dedicated to providing employers the tools for instant status verification -- stop making employers police and end employer excuses for hiring illegals

* Focused on assimilating new Americans through English language training and civics and history understanding

* Opposed to amnesty

* Dedicated to a smooth guest worker program that rewards lawful behavior

To that end, we must:

* Enforce and defend the border - Complete the fence and implement a zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration

* Enact real Visa reforms - over 50% of the illegal immigrants in the US are visa overstays

* Deploy a robust E-verify system - with tamper proof ID cards, an online electronic verification system so employers know someone is legal

* Have a verifiable guest worker program - Farmers pay $10 - $20 an hour for labor and can't find it. We need a guest worker program that demands verification, good conduct, and private health care for all labor

* Foster natural repatriation of illegals through the use of tamper proof ID cards and E-verify

* Empower and fund our local Sheriffs to enforce immigration law

* Offer a time period for those illegally in the US to return to their homeland before a "no return" penalty begins

* Require employers to use e-verify

* Make it a felony for unauthorized aliens to work, punishable by imprisonment and a fine; to falsely claim legal presence in the United States; or to smuggle aliens

* Require all legal immigrations to learn English

* Make English the official language of the United States

* Prohibit sanctuary cities and day-labor sites

* Deny unauthorized aliens enrollment in and financial aid (including in-state tuition) for state-licensed higher education institutions;

* Ban the use of foreign identification documents to establish identity or to obtain state identification cards unless accompanied by a U.S. document that demonstrates legal presence in the United States

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