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Issue Position: National Defense

Issue Position


"The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it." -- Norman Schwarzkopf

"Dennis is by far the best supporter, among those running, of a strong national defense and of veterans and those currently serving." - Gary Clark, Colonel USAF (Ret.), Chairman, Polk County Veterans' Council

The federal government has no higher duty than to "provide for the common defense." In the 21st century that includes both offensive and defensive operations against states, state sponsors of terrorism, and terrorists. I firmly believe that the United States must maintain the overwhelming qualitative advantage over the rest of the world.

While we maintain that edge, we must also maintain our independence of action. Never should an American soldier be placed under the command of any officer other than an American officer. Nor should any American soldier be placed under United Nations command at any time, for any reason. American soldiers swear to, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States," not the UN charter.

In defending America we must make sure that we spend what is needed, but spend wisely. The Defense Department is as guilty at times as any other in waste, fraud, and abuse. This is both a disservice to the taxpayer and a betrayal of the troops. I support vigorous prosecution of procurement fraud and justifying new acquisitions based on branch need, not political need.

Lastly, America cannot engage in the fight for freedom around the world alone. While many nations stand opposed to freedom, many stand with us. Ever mindful of President Washington's admonition to avoid alliances, we must continue to defend those who share our pluralistic and democratic values. Nations such as Israel, Britain, Australia, Canada, and countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania that threw off the yoke of Communism, that are both willing to defend and promote our shared values, should never be abandoned by the United States.

In addition, we must continue to assert the Monroe Doctrine and ensure that threats in our hemisphere are dealt with. From Chinese drilling and Panama Canal intrusions, to despots and tyrants like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, America must promote freedom throughout our hemisphere.


US sovereignty -- we must never allow American troops to be under UN command (1)

Taking the fight to terrorists where ever they hide utilizing Special Forces, covert action, cooperation with foreign security forces, and more

Trying terrorists in military tribunals, NOT in the United States. Taxpayers should never pay for defense lawyers for terrorists (2)

Increasing end strength to eliminate the need for multiple tours for America's heroes

Win the war in Afghanistan and establish a robust Afghan National Army

Ending prosecutions of CIA officers who protected America and took the fight to terrorists

Expanding the GI Bill and loan forgiveness to all who serve in the War on Terror

Deploying a robust Ballistic Missile Defense Shield (3)

Maintaining America's qualitative edge over the rest of the world

Ensure that waste and fraud in procurement is eliminated through monetary incentives for waste elimination and vigorous fraud prosecution

Defend and engage allies, especially longstanding allies like Israel, Great Britain, Australia, and others

Only Congress being able to declare war (4)

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