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Rob Portman Statement Regarding President Obama's Stimulus Rally in Columbus, Ohio


Location: Columbus, OH

.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman issued the following statement today regarding President Obama's visit to Columbus, Ohio, to promote a failed stimulus that has not resulted in the promised job creation and lower unemployment:

"I welcome President Obama to Columbus, and I hope he brings with him new ideas for creating the jobs Ohio needs turn our economy around. Today we learned that Ohio created just 300 private sector jobs last month, and Ohioans are still suffering through a historic economic crisis. They're looking for real leadership, not the same failed policies that have resulted in the loss of nearly 400,000 Ohio jobs in the last three years.

"While we can expect Lt. Gov. and Ohio Job Czar Lee Fisher to once again tout the $800 billion big government stimulus package enacted last year, I doubt we will hear him acknowledge the nearly 150,000 jobs lost since the program was enacted. Washington's current policies of higher spending, record deficits, big-government health care and new energy taxes are destroying our chances for real economic recovery. Washington's status quo that Lt. Gov. Fisher enthusiastically supports is not working. In fact, just the opposite is needed: we need to stand up against Washington's dangerous big-government agenda and start taking the steps necessary to put Ohio and our nation back on the path to prosperity."

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