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Issue Position: Small Government

Issue Position

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We don't need more laws…we need less!

Freedom is fading in this country as the "I know better than you" elite continue to legislate at the Federal level. I will evaluate my next two years in Congress not by how many new laws I pass, but by how many I can repeal.

The stimulus program: I will work to repeal the stimulus bills and reclaim all of the stimulus dollars that have not yet been spent. Rather than being squandered on short-term, feel-good programs, these dollars are better used to pay down the crippling debt that our nation currently endures.

The TARP program: I completely opposed this bank bailout bill, but even its advocates agree that it was only supposed to be a short-term program that would terminate as the funds were repaid. I know that you share my outrage that as these dollars have been repaid to the Treasury, the Obama administration is finding new ways to spend this money and keep the program alive. I will repeal the TARP program and target all repaid funds toward deficit reduction.

The health care bill: There are many things that we can do together to lower health care costs and improve health care quality in this country. H.R. 3400, the "Empowering Patients First Act" is one such solution. We can and must work together to do bring those bills to passage for the American people. In bringing these solutions, however, we must also repeal the government-controlled health care model that President Obama passed. We will repeal this bill and replace it with one that is driven by the doctor-patient relationship and consumer choices.

A rescissions bill: It is true that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are currently working to pass a budget that promises to triple the national debt over ten years. However, even if they succeed, America is not locked into that budget. Next year, we can pass a "rescissions" bill that looks at all of the excessive spending promised by President Obama for 2011 and that terminates those objectionable programs, finally targeted those saved dollars toward deficit reduction.

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