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Issue Position: Immigration

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We are a nation of immigrants, and we should all be proud of that. Immigration built this country and has been a key to our nation's strength. I swell with pride at the thought of our humble beginnings, and I am a strong supporter of legal immigration. Throughout our history, and still today, immigrants are among our nation's greatest engineers, scientists, political leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and more.

As these legal immigrants know, we are also a nation of laws, and illegal immigration has no place in America. We have laws to control how and who we allow to enter this nation, and for what reason they come. There are migrant worker visas, permanent immigrant visas, student visas, fiancée visas and many more. If you have a legitimate reason to come to this country, there is a legal avenue for you to do so. Those who ignore our laws demonstrate by doing so that they do not respect this country.

The responsibility of safe-guarding our nation and securing our borders is exclusively the job the Federal government and, sadly, the Federal government has failed to aggressively enforce these laws. A country that cannot maintain a secure border has lost its sovereignty. Although I support efforts to drastically reduce the size and scope of the Federal government, my commitment to properly funding and implementing the security of our borders is non-negotiable.

"Immigration reform" must begin with the securing America's border. Until we succeed in that first step, there cannot be a second.

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