Issue Position: Energy and the Environment

Issue Position

By:  David Gill
Location: Unknown

I wholeheartedly support the development and use of alternative energy sources.

* Wind Energy: I find it interesting that nearly 20% of Iowa's energy comes from wind. If Congress had the political will, our entire nation could equal or better this figure of 20%. Environmentally friendly building projects will create stable jobs in our communities and help work toward a clean environment for future generations to enjoy. Large wind farms are being planned and constructed right here in our Congressional district, and I will support these farms by assisting with federal funding for such projects.

* Solar Energy: I will promote tax credits for homeowners that use Solar Technologies.

* Automotive Energy: For decades, Congress failed miserably by not requiring incremental increases in the federal minimums of fuel efficiency. I'll work against this type of short-sightedness. I'll support federal assistance for the development of the battery industry that we'll need for the cars of the future-- sadly, we are already falling behind other regions of the world in this area.

* Geothermal and Other Energy: I will support the development of sensible, environmentally friendly solutions to our nation's energy problems. A sustainable future, a healthy population, and a secure America depends on it.

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