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Perriello Defends NRA Against Liberal and Conservative Attacks


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Perriello released the following statement today in defense of the National Rifle Association against liberal and conservative attacks. The groups are targeting the NRA because of an exemption added to the DISCLOSE campaign finance reform legislation that would exclude organizations from disclosing donor rolls that have more than 1 million members, have existed for more than 10 years, and receive no more than 15% of their contributions from corporations.

"The DISCLOSE Act is about taking control of our politics away from corporate front groups and handing it back to the people. The NRA, with its four million dues-paying members, is the epitome of people-powered politics and they deserve to have their voices heard in elections. Maybe liberal groups and the Wall Street Journal don't understand that for over 125 years, the NRA has represented millions of everyday Americans who are passionate about the freedoms afforded us under the Second Amendment and want to hold our elected officials accountable to those standards. Liberals may not like the NRA's beliefs but they should admire their people-powered organizing. Our democracy should respect the difference between a group with four million members and a corporate front group writing a $4 million check. This bill is not about favoring groups with a particular belief but about handing our democracy back to the people. "

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