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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Our national security is dependent on a strong volunteer military comprised of the best troops, technology and equipment in the world. We should remember every day to honor the sacrifice of our military families and ensure that we keep our promises to our service members.

U.S. troops should not be withdrawn from Iraq or Afghanistan until those governments are able to govern and protect its people with their own security forces. The only way to secure long term peace in the region is to help these governments battle those that support radical Islam and are attempting to stop developing democracies in hopes of establishing safe havens for terrorists.

After appropriate oversight, our military leaders on the ground must be given the ability and resources to carry out their mission.

We must be cognizant of threats from any number of rogue states and

the serious national security challenges that include Iran. The United States must grow and maintain a strong, modern and technology enabled military force. In order to protect us from the potential nuclear threat from Iran and other hostile nations we must have development and deployment of national missile defenses that will reduce the possibility of missile attacks from Iran and other adversarial nations. We must allow our Intelligence agencies access to the technology and tools needed to ensure we have the best opportunity to ward off terrorist attacks.

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