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Issue Position: Energy and Water Policy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Americans need to take our country back! Let's allow innovation and the free market to guide us instead of unwieldy government mandates that restrict access to energy and other natural resources.

My plan will:

Increase energy production at home

* Accessing our natural resources through environmentally responsible stewardship is how the United States has grown and developed into a world power. Abdicating our energy production to unstable governments in unstable regions of the world is un-American.
* Nuclear power is the safest, most efficient way to provide much of our everyday power needs with existing technology.

Encourage conservation and alternative energy production from wind, solar, natural gas, and other alternative forms of energy.

* The government should not pick winners and losers in the search for alternative energy sources. Let's level the playing field and streamline the regulatory processes that scare off private, entrepreneurial investment.


As a leader in the state's water policy in my role as President of the Central Arizona Project Board of Directors I can bring an expertise on natural resources that is sorely lacking in the House of Representatives. Being a good steward of our natural resources is important in the way we live today and for the future of planet. The recent actions by the Washington bureaucrats in the Environmental Protection Agency are threatening Arizona's access to reliable and affordable water resources by proposing new emission rules that could effectively shut the Navajo Generating Station down. Navajo is the primary power source for the Central Arizona Project and is already operating under very stringent emission rules. As President of CAP, I am leading the charge to preclude the EPA from imposing arbitrary and unnecessary federal regulations that could severely impact Arizona's necessary water resources.

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