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Issue Position: Cutting Taxes & Reducing Spending

Issue Position

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Reducing tax rates and reforming the tax system in our country are top priorities. In order for our economy to grow, small businesses and individuals need to know their efforts will not be thwarted by a Federal Government that cannot balance its budget or control spending. That's why I'm a proud signer of the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge. I will not raise taxes, and I will fight to make the temporary tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 permanent.


Make the temporary tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 permanent. Allowing these tax cuts to expire will result in higher taxes on every American including married couples, families and seniors.

Streamline the tax system. Eliminate loopholes and government control over "winners and losers". A flatter tax system is a fairer tax system, and I will work to make the system fairer to all Americans.

Eliminate the AMT! Crafted to ensure high income taxpayers did in fact pay taxes, the Alternative Minimum Tax is an albatross that would now impact millions of hard-working Americans. In classic big-government fashion, Congress now annually "patches" the AMT instead of doing the right thing and killing this tax that is out of control and no longer serves its original purpose.

Additionally, I would work to permanently eliminate the death tax, which is a regressive double tax on the families of farmers, ranchers and small business owners.

And, finally, we should continue to whittle away at the Capital Gains tax. This tax hinders investment and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives job creation in our country.

Federal Spending

Approve the Balanced Budget Amendment. Even in times of increased revenues, Congress has still managed to outspend those revenues, and there is no restraint in sight as evidenced by the bailouts, "stimulus" plans and pork-laden omnibus spending bills. Without a requirement to stay within its means, Congress will continue to issue blank checks and overspend an unlimited credit card. I will not vote for a budget that is not balanced.

Moratorium on earmarks. A Congress that cannot balance a budget has no business awarding no-bid contracts based on the whims of Appropriation Committee members. This practice must be stopped. I will fight for Arizona tax dollars to stay in Arizona before they get sent to the Federal Government. I will fight for worthy Arizona projects by advancing it in the appropriate funding bill as legislation that has been allowed the scrutiny of hearings and debate.

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