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Issue Position: Creating Jobs and Growing Our Economy

Issue Position

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Nothing is more important than the urgent need to get our economy back on track. It won't happen so long as Washington's solutions spend us into bankruptcy or reward incompetent businesses that can't be competitive. We can't get out of an economic downturn that resulted from bad debt by more bad debt. But that's exactly the approach Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress have pursued. In just one year, the liberals who control Washington tripled our national deficit and doubled our debt.

It's no secret how to get our economy moving again. Ronald Reagan did it. Even John Kennedy did it. In fact every time we've cut marginal tax rates on families our economy has improved and created new jobs. With lower taxes, families keep more of their own money to save, spend and invest -- and that money goes right into building our economy.

As a small business owner, I know that we should also pursue policies that empower workers to start their own small businesses and help existing small businesses grow -- that will encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and new job creation.

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