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Issue Position: Keeping Our Nation Safe

Issue Position

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The men and women we have serving in uniform are the finest in the world. They deserve the best equipment and best training available. As your Congressman, I will work hard to ensure our services receive the funding they need to keep us safe. I also support allowing them to finish the task and win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe we do a grave injustice to our soldiers when we send them into battle and then won't let them win the war.

We are at war with Islamic terrorists who at their core hate us and everything we stand for. Make no mistake, if they could defeat us they would certainly finish the job. I'm for allowing the troop commanders on the ground to finish the war and for the politicians in Washington to welcome them home as victors!

I pray every day for the safe return of all of our troops from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. And in Congress, I will remain ever mindful that these volunteers for our nation have husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and children left here at home. They too should have both our thanks and our prayers.

I will also never forget the sacrifice our military veterans have made to the USA. My youngest son is a veteran of the Iraq war. A member of the 3rd ID from Ft. Stewart he returned home with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart…and will continue to receive veterans services for the rest of his life. No one will give more support to Veterans than I will.

We are blessed to have in our district the Marine Corps Logistics Base and Fort Benning. Also, right nearby we have Robbins and Moody Air Force Bases. These bases perform vital service to our nation. I will work with the Georgia delegation and the joint efforts of Georgia's Military Affairs Coordinating Committee (MACC) to make sure these bases continue to have priority missions that will sustain them far into the future.

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