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Issue Position: Fighting Our Broken Tax System

Issue Position

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One thing most of us can agree on is that the IRS is too big, the tax code is too complex and we pay too much in taxes. I want to have a real debate about the Fair Tax. We can repeal the 16th Amendment that set up the income tax and move instead to a consumption tax. Our present tax system penalizes increased productivity and financial success. We need to encourage small business creation and reward financial success. A consumption tax would also ensure everyone pays taxes and not just a select few.

A change like that would require a major paradigm shift and I want you to know I will sponsor and fight for the Fair Tax in Congress.

In the meantime, there are other steps we can take to get the economy moving, including:

* Abolish the Capital Gains Tax
* Truly Repeal the Death Tax
* Allow a 100% write off of new equipment
* Keep taxes at the lower 2009 levels (repeal the automatic tax increases that come next year)

Americans deserve to keep more of what they earn. In Congress, I will work hard to make sure you can.

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