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Issue Position: Bringing Jobs to Southern Georgia

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

The policies pushed by Bishop, Pelosi and Obama are damaging our nation. Unfortunately, they are devastating to Southwest Georgia. Our area has an unemployment rate that is higher than the state and national rate. As I travel our district, I see the pain everyday.

In Congress, I will first fight the bad policies the liberals in D.C. are trying to impose on us.

* Nationalized Healthcare
* National Energy Tax
* Increased Income Taxes

But stopping bad policy is only the first step. We need policies rewarding risktakers and enhancing job creation in the private sector. More government spending is not the answer. More government jobs are part of the long-term problem. It is wrong for the average federal worker today to make more than $100,000 while the average private-sector worker makes less than $70,000 (both numbers include wage and benefits, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics). (Source: USA Today, March 4, 2010)

We need private-sector job creation. That means real jobs where people produce goods and services, not government jobs. I will fight hard against burdensome federal regulation and taxation that is killing small business and strangling our agricultural economy. Our area has suffered too long and needs a Representative that will look out for us.

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