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CNN "American Morning" - Transcript


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LAWRENCE (voice-over): All the anger that D.C. directed at BP is being deflected right back at Washington. Some businesses sued the Obama administration in a New Orleans federal court Monday asking a judge to issue an injunction and lift the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling.

VELMA MOCK, OPPOSES DRILLING MORATORIUM: What are we going to do? You know, I mean, we've replaced our homes two, three times because of hurricanes. We're going to lose our homes again because of a moratorium that's not needed.

LAWRENCE: Velma Mock's company runs the boats that supply the rigs. Others supporting companies like hers argue the government had no good basis to shut down rigs with no safety violations. Unlike supporting businesses, the rig workers are getting paid from a $100 million fund BP set up specifically for them.

MOCK: Their companies will try to place them with smaller rigs wherever they can overseas, wherever they can put them. We will quit working before they will.

REP. GENE GREEN (D), TEXAS: Time after time, it's been shown that BP chooses expediency over safety. LAWRENCE: Some in the gulf are getting tired of politicians piling on BP and its CEO, Tony Hayward.

REP. BART STUPAK (D), MICHIGAN: You have 26 people dead, more than 170 injured. You have the largest spill ever in Alaska. You now have the largest environmental disaster to hit the United States.

SHANE GUIDRY, SUPPLIES OIL RIGS: And they're just -- they're just, I mean, badgering in some instances this guy. We need this guy.

LAWRENCE: Shane Guidry says the politicians' anger is designed to make voters so upset with BP they'll forget how mad they were at Washington.

GUIDRY: The American public needs to understand that this is going on, I mean, BP's being scalped in more ways than one. As mad as we are at them, we need them to survive.

LAWRENCE: Even a fisherman who's been haggling with BP over his damage claims says outsiders are trying to pit one industry against another.

(on camera): Are you mad at BP?

STU SCHEER, CHARTER HOST CAPTAIN: No. But we've co-existed with the oil companies down here my entire life, and they've created some of the greatest fishing habitat in the world. A lot of the environmentalists don't want to hear that but it's true. I mean, the rigs are like a food chain and housing and cover for the fish and it's created a great fishing area.


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