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Issue Position: Government Efficiency and Accountability

Issue Position

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Make Government Efficient and Accountable

Vermont can't afford to waste a single tax dollar with looming budget deficits. A Markowitz administration will make it a priority to cut wasteful government spending, but Deb knows state government provides Vermonters with valuable services. Even in tough times, services like public education, health care for our children and maintenance of our infrastructure need to be continued with integrity.

Deb understands budgets. As Secretary of State, she eliminated wasteful spending and reorganized her office so it could do more with less. She eliminated a $100,000 deficit she inherited when she first took office in 1998. And last year, when she took over the Public Records Division from the administration, she identified and eliminated work that was outdated and unnecessary, saving hundreds of thousands of Vermonters' tax dollars. This wasteful spending had been going on for over a decade, totaling millions of dollars.

As a champion of open government, Deb insists on accountability. From educating citizens and officials about the requirements of Vermont's open government laws, to speaking out against attempts to broaden the government's right to keep information secret, Deb has stood up for Vermonters' right to hold government accountable. As Secretary of State, Deb requires her managers to focus on the essential mission of the agency, and holds them accountable for results.

Every family in Vermont is doing more with less. Government must commit to this Yankee ethic as well. As Governor, Deb will make sure our tax dollars won't be squandered.

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