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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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Harness a Clean Energy Future

For Vermonters, the economy and energy costs are part of the same equation. Vermont is at an energy crossroads: contracts for two-thirds of Vermont's electricity are expiring within five years; we have an aging nuclear plant within Vermont's borders; because of our rural communities Vermonters use more gas for driving than average Americans. In addition, Vermont has some of the oldest and least energy efficient housing stock in the country with long heating seasons. We send over $2 billion out of state despite these high energy needs because we only support 10 percent of our energy from local production.

Deb will provide the strong leadership we need to ensure that we have access to clean, safe, secure, and affordable energy today into the future.

She will create a long-term plan to generate clean energy in Vermont to fuel the state far into the future. For the short-term, she will invest in energy efficiency, removing barriers for Vermonters to retrofit their homes and businesses. This is a win-win approach as investments in efficiency create jobs, save Vermont families and businesses money on heat and electric bills and reduce Vermont's contribution to global warming.

Deb will harness the efforts by President Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Peter Welch to ensure that Vermont leads the nation in the manufacture and use of new energy technologies. Vermont already has some of the fastest growing renewable energy businesses in the country. Deb is a strong supporter of wind projects, hydropower, solar, biomass and geothermal energy production.

Deb will find creative solutions to meet public transportation needs of Vermonters and she will support investments in rail to help our businesses get their goods to market more efficiently and to provide more transportation options for Vermonters.

New energy investments in Vermont cannot happen overnight. But they will not happen at all without a governor who commits to the strategy we will know is essential to a cleaner planet, a growing economy and a more secure world. Tackling Vermont's energy future will require creative collaborations among public officials, businesses, citizen groups, environmentalists and others. Deb will bring the stakeholders to the table and generate a plan that will succeed.

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