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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Insist on Quality Education

We need to ensure that our schools prepare Vermont students for success. First and foremost, that means raising the graduation rate. Right now, twenty percent---that's one out of five---Vermont students drop out of high school. And those that do go on to college are less prepared for higher education than previous generations. Our colleges and universities report that their freshmen classes do not have the basic skills necessary to do college-level work. As Governor, Deb will focus both on education quality and education cost.

Deb believes that Vermont teachers should be well paid and well prepared. She also knows we must work together to stem the rising cost of public education so that is sustainable for our communities and for our state. This means we must find innovative ways to lower education costs and find more effective and efficient ways of managing our schools, by consolidating purchasing and administration.

Deb supports investments in early childhood education so that every child comes to school prepared to succeed. We also know that we can increase our graduation rates by providing more options for students, including night school, internships, apprenticeships in the trades and vocational education.

As a graduate of the University of Vermont, Deb knows that Vermont's state colleges and our university provide a first-rate education. And as the mother of three, she is well aware that the price tag for a college education is too steep for many Vermont families. She will work on ways to make a college education more affordable for Vermont students. One way will be to forge partnerships between colleges and the business community, creating educational opportunities for students and funding for our schools while supporting Vermont's entrepreneurs.

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