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Myth: Individual Activists don't matter


Location: Unknown

Long ago, it became a cliché that the day of the individual citizen-activist had passed and that political campaigns are shaped only by multi-million dollar advertsing campaigns and the ever-increasing cadre of "talking heads" on television.

After nearly ten months on the campaign trail, I can tell you the cynics are wrong.

In every corner of the Fourth Congressional District, I have met men and women whose interest in politics has nothing to do with expensive polling or complex models for voter turnout. Instead, their involvement flows from their deep concern about our nation's future. Some are high school and college students, fired by the idealism of youth. Many more are parents and grandparents, worried about what sort of country will be passed on to future generations.

I believe that the same kind of activists can be found everywhere in the United States.

These new activists--and more than a few newly energized activists who have long been involved in politics--do not by any stretch of the imagination agree on every issue, but the energy they have recently brought to American politics is a tremendous thing.

There is no doubt in my mind that with we have a real chance of victory in November because of the hard work of so many dedicated men and women. More importantly, our nation is better off because of their involvement and energy--the very things on which the Founders of the Republic believed our country would stand or fail.

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