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Dr. Coburn Statement on Oil Spill Politics


Location: Washington, DC

Questions Credibility of a Congress Responsible for a Spending Spill

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released the following statement today regarding the federal government's response to the Gulf oil spill:

"It is wrong for Congress to use this crisis to try to push through tax and spend energy policies that will grow the government and hurt our economy. More government is not the answer. The spending spill in Congress is as toxic as the oil spill in the Gulf. Our gushing deficits are jeopardizing the health of our entire economic system.

"An important lesson from the Gulf oil spill -- and Katrina -- is that it is foolish to expect big government to solve every problem. Still, it is reasonable for the American people to expect the administration and Congress to play a constructive role. Unfortunately, the federal response so far suggests many politicians in Washington are treating this situation like a political crisis, rather than an environmental and economic crisis.

"A nation that planned D-Day and put a man on the moon can do better. The American people are frustrated because they still have not seen the war-like mobilization of resources and manpower they expect. As my colleague from Florida, Sen. George Lemieux (R-FL), pointed out today; of the 2,000 skimmers in the United States only 32 were off the coast of Florida to try to prevent the spill from coming ashore. Our first goal should be to help stop the spill and prevent further damage. There will be plenty of time to gather facts, assess blame and draft legislation once the situation is under control."

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