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Congressman Bachus: Repeal Government Health Care Mandate

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-6) today voted to repeal a mandate in the federal health care takeover that will require Americans to buy government-approved health insurance.

However, the measure failed on the House floor when the Democrat majority led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected it in a procedural vote.

Congressman Bachus said, "From the beginning, I have said that this mandate is both unwise and unconstitutional. The federal government has no right telling Americans what kind of health insurance they must buy, especially when a plan requires coverage of abortion. It is my intention to fight this radical change to our health care system, and I will continue to advocate a reasoned approached of "repeal and replace'."

Bachus had earlier announced his support for a lawsuit filed by Alabama and 19 other states challenging the individual mandate as unconstitutional.

To view the floor statement that Congressman Bachus delivered during the House debate on the health care bill, click here.

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