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Issue Position: Gun Rights

Issue Position

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Open Carry Arkansas main purpose is to obtain handgun carry laws similar to Vermont, Virginia, New Hampshire, Alaska and Arizona.

I would be in support of the currently purposed open carry law. HR2184
Concealed carry in church This issue controversially died in a Senate committee last year. We seek to have the legislature grant churches the ability to choose whether their members can carry firearms.

Support. Churchs should have the right to choose if they want concealed carry or not.

Firearms allowed in vehicles on employer parking lots" A law is needed, one similar to Oklahoma's, where a citizens vehicle is his castle, even on employer parking lots. A citizen should not be fired because he legally possesses a firearm in his locked vehicle.

Just as I believe a church or individual should have a right to decide if they want firearms or any thing else for that matter on their property so to I believe a business has that same right.

Concealed carry in municipal parks" Arkansas Carry wants the state laws changed to allow citizens to be able to protect themselves on municipal park property.


Complete privacy of the CHL list" The law-abiding citizens of this state deserve to have their privacy protected from criminals and members of the anti-gun press.

Support. Only the appropriate authorities should have access to that list. Any other person needing information from the CHL would need to request through an appropriate authority and have legitimate need to get information from the list.

Castle law

" This new law will allow citizens the right to protect their families and their property. Currently a person is required to flee if possible.
Support. People have a natural right to defend themselves and I believe the vast majority of gun owners would only use deadly force as a last resort.
Stand your ground law" This future law will allow Arkansans the right to protect themselves at all times. Currently we are required to flee if possible, allowing over-zealous prosecutors to punish people who are defending themselves.

Support. Although any law would have to be worded in such a way that would prevent it from being misused by thugs and criminals.
Concealed carry on campus" Arkansas Carry desires a law change to allow students of legal age to conceal carry into classrooms. This is currently taking place in Utah and other states.

Support. How many lives could have been saved during campus shootings if law abiding citizens had been able to carry? Although private institutions should have the right to decide their policy on this issue.

Fix concealed carry for military " All military personnel returning to Arkansas after active duty are currently required to take the CHL test. This should be changed to allow veterans who are properly trained with handguns to simply apply for the permit.

Support - provided the veteran has had proper training and it is consistant with Arkansas State Law.

Lower Concealed Carry license fees " Currently, CHL prices are exorbitantly high for something which is a right. These prices are discriminatory against the poor.

Federal tax protection of in-state firearms and ammo producers " Firearms and ammo producers should be able to sell their wares in-state without paying federal taxes (under the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution). Montana currently has this law.

Change Arkansas constitution to simply state the right to bear arms " Currently, the Arkansas Constitution states, The citizens of this State shall have the right to keep and bear arms, for their common defense. We would like to have the Constitution simply say, The citizens of this State shall have the right to keep and bear arms, to stop any confusion of the original sentence.

Provide Second Amendment help (self-defense) for citizens when they apply for a restraining order.

Currently, there is no protective help available for a spouse when they are attempting to leave an abusive spouse. This can be fixed if Open Carry was permitted in this state such as Vermont is. Also, an emergency provision for a CHL (concealed handgun license) may be provided by a change in the law.
I generally support this concept, but would need to see the specifics of such provision and how it would be paid for.

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