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Issue Position: Government Spending

Issue Position

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Cut Government Spending to Reduce our Taxes

In the business world and in his own home, Dan uses strong fiscal discipline and modern management techniques to create and stick to budgets. In Harrisburg, he will do the same -- to finally bring some sanity to the budget process.

Stop Spending Money We Don't Have

It is time government and the politicians in Harrisburg understand that the taxpayers are not their personal piggy banks. These same political insiders and government bureaucrats have exploded our state government budget by more than 40% in just the last eight years -- and increased our debt by nearly 30%. We must cut and control spending now!

Focus On Priorities

The first step to saving tax dollars is to stop wasting them. That's why Dan will focus the state budget on priorities like education, public safety and job creation. He will make protecting taxpayers the number one priority in all budget negotiations.

Cut Wasteful and Outdated Programs

How did state government get so big? By adding new programs, but never ending them when they no longer make sense. Dan will review the budget line-by-line to see what works, what doesn't and what can be eliminated. Dan will start with the State Auditor General's recommendations that already identify programs that need cut or eliminated.

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