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Andy Mayberry understands that creating good jobs and improving education go hand-in-hand.

As the former marketing and communications leader with the Arkansas Department of Economic Development, Andy will make creating more, better-paying jobs a high priority if elected.

When more Arkansans are employed at higher wages, Andy says it will expand our tax base without increasing our taxes. That, in turn, can provide more money for roads, healthcare, education, and crime prevention, among other things. It will also be a blessing for all those hard-working men and women in our state who are trying to put food on their family's table and a roof over their heads. As our nation moves out of a sluggish economy and businesses again look to expand, Andy believes Arkansas must be well positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities. To read more about Andy's economic development and business background, click here.

Andy is in favor of a system of public education that provides for local control while high standards for excellence are expected and achieved. He believes in rewarding good teachers, and is open to experimentation with vouchers for private and parochial schools.

Andy is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, for smaller government and lower taxes. In fact, he wants to completely repeal - not just reduce - the state's sales tax on food, believing it is unconscionable to tax basic human needs.

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