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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health Care Goals Plan to Put Focus on the Uninsured and Give Consumers More Control

Republican Candidate Frank Farry released his goals for making health care more accessible and affordable while giving control to consumers.

"As I continue my door to door campaign, I am often reminded how important the cost of health care is to our working families," Farry said. "I believe that this plan will help insure more Pennsylvanians while at the same time keeping families in control of their healthcare."

The Farry Plan includes:

Investing in Health Care for Consumers

* Frank has proposed investing more money in tax credits to help working families afford the health care they need. These tax credits would include for out of pocket medical expenses and to encourage utilization of Health SavingsAccounts (HSA).

Reform the Adult Basic Program

* Frank has proposed that we reform the Adult Basic program to make sure that we spend more of our dollars on actual consumer health care programs so that we can target the uninsured and less on bureaucracy.

Lower the Regulatory Burden to Make Health Care More Affordable

* Frank would allow insurance underwriters to offer scaled down policies that opt out of some of the more onerous regulations so that the chronically uninsured can buy the most basic coverage at an affordable price.

Put Incentives In Place To Make OBGYN Services More Available

* Pennsylvania faces a critical shortfall of OBGYN professionals, especially in Southeast Pennsylvania. Frank would work to put into place incentives for OBGYN to practice in targeted areas of the state.

Create a Patients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

* Frank Farry believes that we need to have a clear set of expectations for both consumers and medical professionals. He will work to craft a common sense Patients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

Focus on Disease Prevention and Wellness

* Encourage insurers to focus on their wellness and prevention aspects within their insurance as well as requiring the local, state, and government plans to focus on this important component of driving down health care costs.

E-Technology Focus

* Frank believes that we should offer financial incentives for Hospitals and other medical professionals for implementing technology in medical record keeping.

Liability Reform

* Pennsylvania must reform its liability system so that medical professionals, consumers, and every stakeholder in the process can have predictability and stability in the system. By passing commonsense liability reform, including a reasonable cap on non-economic damages, we can drive down health care costs and make it more affordable for consumers

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