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Issue Position: Protecting Life

Issue Position

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Life is a precious gift granted from conception by our Creator. As elected officials and more importantly, as ethical citizens, Representative Stern believes we have no right to take life for any purpose. We were all once embryos -- defenseless, voiceless, but nonetheless living. It must be society's duty to defend life at all stages and as an elected official, Jerry Stern has always and will always stand on the side of life.

While in the House of Representatives, Jerry has served with many of his colleagues in the Pro-Life Caucus. They have dedicated themselves to protecting life from those who seek to devalue it. This is not an issue of what a woman can and cannot do with her body -- this is an issue of protecting a life that exists in co-dependence with another life. Both lives are precious, both must be protected, and both have every right to have their voice heard.

Modern science, however, has already taken a complex and emotional issue and blurred the lines further. In our search for cures to the ailments that inflict pain on our bodies, we must not lose our souls in the process. While balancing the hope that comes with many ethical science discoveries, we must also protect the preciousness of every human life.

Stem cell research is just one of these hopeful possibilities to cure diseases and heal everything from heart tissue to nerve endings. New research has shown that adult stem cells and those obtained from the umbilical cords and placentas of fetuses hold great promise of developing into integral body tissues. However, a concerted campaign is underway to convince the public that stem cells from fertilized embryos are the only option available for disease cure and therapy. This seeks to detract attention from the harsh truth -- living embryos are destroyed in the process of obtaining embryonic stem cells.

When asked about this sensitive issue, Jerry is constantly reminded of a little girl who came to visit him named Zara. She is a powerful lesson for those who seek to diminish the life contained in frozen embryos. Zara is a snowflake baby who was adopted by her parents as a frozen embryo because her father is paraplegic. While many say that frozen embryos will just be discarded and can therefore be "sacrificed' to save another life, Zara shows the power and hope that exists for parents who cannot conceive children and the life embodied in each frozen embryo.

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