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Health Reform Benefits on Way to Seniors

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Grayson Announces "Donut Hole" Checks in the Mail

Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-8) announced that starting this week, and continuing over the next several months, seniors who fall within the "donut hole" Medicare coverage gap (prescription drug costs exceeding $2,830) will receive $250 rebate checks. The checks are the first of many health reform benefits for seniors under the Affordable Care Act.

Congressman Grayson said, "For too long, insurance company profits have been given priority over the care of our seniors. These checks are just one example of how the health care reform bill will strengthen Medicare, and ensure our seniors get the care they deserve."

Beginning in January 2011, seniors in the donut hole will receive a 50% discount on brand-name prescription drugs, and by 2020 the "donut hole" will be eliminated.

Congressman Grayson said, "All too often, seniors are faced with the decision of whether to put food on the table, or buy the medicine they need to be healthy. These checks will ease that burden."

Other benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act for seniors include:
* Free preventative care under Medicare, beginning in 2011,
* Improving seniors' access to doctors,
* Expanding home - and community - based services to keep seniors in their own homes, instead of in nursing homes, and
* Reducing waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare system.

Medicare recipients don't have to do anything to get the tax-free $250 check -- once their drug costs for the year hit $2,830, the one-time check will be issued automatically.

Congressman Grayson said, "It's important for our seniors know that you don't have to take any action to get your rebate checks. We promised seniors that we would take care of their medical needs, and we are keeping that promise."

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