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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Education is the most important way of assuring that Nebraska' economy will thrive in the future. The State's students ranked 24th in reading and 30th in math for national student test scores and results.[1] Nebraska also ranks 45th in the country in terms of teacher salaries.[2] Neither of these statistics is acceptable. We as a state must introduce new measures in education to guarantee a prosperous economic future.

Educational Objective 1

Deregulate Educational Bureaucracy - Currently the State, which dictates both how school districts spend their budgets and how their educators teach, holds too much power. The status quo is not conducive to a strong educational system; we must deregulate bureaucracy to improve Nebraska's educational standards.

Educational Approach 1

Put the Local School Districts in Control - Decision-making power needs to be shifted from inflexible state mandates to the school districts themselves. Local school districts should be allowed them to spend their money in the ways that best serve their communities and address their immediate needs.

Educational Objective 2

Attract Better Teachers - In order to assure our State a thriving economic future, Nebraska must have the best teachers possible. Our teachers are educating the future of Nebraska, and we must ensure that Nebraska is competitive in recruiting the brightest and most talented teachers.

Educational Approach 2

Increased Teacher Salaries through Incentive-Based Pay - Incentive-based pay is a proven and effective way to recruit and compensate the most talented educators of tomorrow. Education is one of the only professional fields in today's world that does not pay its labor force based on their performance. Instead, today's educators receive compensation on the basis of their tenure and their highest achieved level of education. Incentive-based pay will produce more enthusiastic and goal-oriented teachers and it will improve the Nebraska's educational standards and performance.

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