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Issue Position: Community

Issue Position

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The backbone of Nebraskan culture lies in the strength and conviction of its communities and the conscientious members of these communities. Whether we live in a small town or a metropolitan city, we are part of a community. In the past 25 years however, there has been a 58% drop in attendance to club meetings, a 43% drop in family dinners, and a 35% drop in having friends over.[1] Individual involvement and personal investment in our local communities and organizations are the roots that have made this state and country so great, and we must return to these roots to ensure the survival of our communities.

Community Objective 1

Reinvigorate Community Service and Civic Associations - In today's fast-paced world many people lose touch with their local communities, and Nebraska has suffered as a result. Nebraskans' participation in their communities continues to drop: on average only 25% attend a town or school meeting, and only 14% serve on a committee for a local organization each year.[2] It is time to take a lesson from our parents and grandparents; we need to become more involved in the communities in which we live and have a say in the decisions that affect our everyday lives.

Community Approach 1

Bowling Leagues - "Bowling leagues" is the allegory of choice for my campaign. In the middle of the 20th century bowling leagues were a popular civic association for many Americans. In today's society, bowling league participation has fallen dramatically. The decline of bowling league popularity is indicative of a broader trend endemic in contemporary America: an increasing disengagement from local communities. Like bowling leagues, the number of people attending church, volunteering, and voting has declined significantly over the past 40 years. In order to reinvigorate and reengage with our local communities each and every one of us must become more involved in civic associations like bowling leagues.

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