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I love God, my family, and my country. I love to help people who appreciate being helped and serving my community. I believe that we in the Sixth District feel safe in our homes. I believe that the reason is because that there is a good chance that the majority of us have guns in our home and will defend our family and property. Gun rights do not apply to just hunters, but to all law-abiding citizens. Laws made to control access to guns by law-abiding citizens ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. These laws are about control, not guns.
I believe in local control of our schools. I believe that children should be taught facts based on sound science and not theories based on politics or emotions.
I believe, as Jonathan Krohn that, "Conservatism is the ideology of protecting the people and the people's rights with these four basic principles: respect for the Constitution, respect for life, less government, and personal responsibility.
I believe immigration laws must be enforced. Illegal immigrates in Arkansas taking advantage of our schools and healthcare system as well as taking jobs away from law abiding Arkansans.
I believe now is the time to move forward with the I-49 project. We need to put people to work building this interstate highway and as the economy improves this district will be more attractive to businesses looking to expand.
I believe in keeping our state government small. Especially in these tough economic times we can't afford more government. We should learn lessons from states like California that we can't be everything to everybody. Thomas Jefferson said, "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government".
I believe in land owners rights. Too many times land owners have fallen prey to the rules oil and gas companies have made for themselves.
I believe that there are no better stewards of the environment than farmers and ranchers. I support the cooperative extension service and their efforts as they continue to support agriculture.
I believe in God and pray that all my actions are in accordance with His will.

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