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Issue Position: Democracy

Issue Position

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Democracy is being challenged because the people are disenchanted with governments they elect. Politicians have gotten very good at promising the moon and tearing the other guy down to win elections. Once elected, the politician is like the dog that catches the car. He hasn't the foggiest idea of what to do with it. Many of them do what they darn well please. Although the people have the right to vote, many don't. Those that do vote are increasingly disgusted. They vote the "ins" out. Then the productive go back to the treadmill of making a living and paying taxes. The new "ins" treat the government as their private club, paying off their political contributors, and acting in a non-transparent way. A legislator has a sacred obligation to vote in a manner consistent with the Will of his or her constituents, the best that Will can be ascertained. My reading of the Will of the People in the 22nd district is: NO on abortion rights, NO on destructive embryonic stem cell research, YES on capital punishment, NO on human cloning, YES on marriage and family, NO on gun control, YES on blocking illegal immigration at the border, NO on increased government spending, YES on liberty, YES on personal responsibility, NO on dependency, and YES on generations yet unborn. I will take strong positions consistent with the Will of the People. Instead of guessing what the Will of the People is, should we use the new secure communication technologies so people can actually post their vote on an important legislative matter? If the number of votes reaches a certain threshold, should the vote be binding on their Legislator? Is this worth a try?

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