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Statement by Senator Mark Pryor on Voting in Support of the Murkowski Resolution


Location: Unknown

There is clear consensus within the scientific community that human activities will have a serious and costly impact on our environment unless we take meaningful steps to mitigate pollution from greenhouse gases. Although I agree with the science, I firmly believe that Congress, and not the EPA, should determine policy on greenhouse gas emissions. The Murkowski resolution, while not perfect, will prevent this unelected regulatory agency from imposing new rules that could have far-reaching, long-lasting, and ever-changing consequences for all Arkansans. For that reason, I supported the Murkowski resolution.

I do strongly believe that Congress has a responsibility to address climate change, and I will continue working to find an approach that increases our energy security in a smart, efficient, and technologically feasible way. During my tenure in Congress, I've promoted legislation to increase energy efficiency and conservation, reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil and natural gas, expand our domestic energy product and invest in clean energy technology. Our work in this arena is far from over. Congress should act quickly, but thoughtfully, in developing comprehensive energy and climate policies that meet our nation's needs. The costs of inaction or wrong action are too great for future generations.

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