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Issue Position: No More Politics As Usual


Location: Unknown

Burke has heard from many people throughout the District who say they are tired of the same old political games, tactics, smearing, and distortions. They are tired of politicians who are beholden to their political parties and party leaders. He has listened to his neighbors tell him that it seems as though elected officials are more concerned with their political party than in doing the people's work. They have told him that they have lost confidence in their elected officials to come together to solve the important issues we face. They tell him that it seems as though no one listens! Someone even said, "it seems like once they get to Lincoln, we don't see them anymore and they don't listen to us anymore." Burke understands that the days of politics as usual are over. He believes that we should expect no less of our elected officials. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line and the same is true in communication. To honor this commitment, Burke has already established a direct local telephone line for constituents to contact him. Burke has also set up email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts so the lines of communication are wide open. Your voice will always be heard!

Burke Harr has the experience we need in bringing people together. He has already built a broad spectrum of support. He is already traveling the district meeting face to face with you. He will work with all members of the Legislature, regardless of their political party and whether someone is from the rural part of our state or from an urban area. Burke's commitment is to you and you've got his ear!

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