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Issue Position: Creating Jobs for Ohioans

Issue Position

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Mike Dovilla believes all Ohioans who want to work deserve the right to find a job. Dovilla understands the meaning of hard work and personal responsibility. He paid his own way through college by working in restaurants and later putting in 14 hour days with the U.S. Navy in Iraq. While our nation faces economic difficulties, Ohio is experiencing an economic downturn even more severe. More than one in ten Ohioans simply cannot find work, and Ohio has had double digit unemployment for nearly a year straight. Ohio's situation has not been seriously addressed by House Democrats or Governor Strickland, and their reckless fiscal policies have only made our circumstances worse. This is simply unacceptable.

As your State Representative, Mike Dovilla will work to help Ohio maintain its existing jobs and create new opportunities for employment. Dovilla supports "The Future of Ohio" jobs package House Republicans have offered -- a proactive set of legislative reforms introduced in the past year that once passed will authorize a series of tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed Ohioans, to college graduates who reside in Ohio, and to skilled trade workers. Government cannot create jobs, but it can help foster an economic environment that will encourage entrepreneurs to invest, businesses to hire, and working families to stay in Ohio -- all of which will restore our state to greatness.

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