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Issue Position: Voter Fraud

Issue Position

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The Secretary of State plays an important role as the chief election officer for the State of Iowa. This means not only does he supervise Iowa's 99 County Auditors in administering Iowa's election laws but is able to be an advocate for accountability and fair elections. Ronald Reagan always said "Trust but Verify." As Secretary of State I will work to implement the following 3 point plan to make voting easy and cheating almost impossible.


We are required to show a Photo ID when we travel on an airplane, cash a check, and when we check into a hotel room. We are required to have a driver's license when we drive and we should be required to show a Photo ID when we vote. When I am Secretary of State I will work with the legislature to require that every voter show an Iowa Driver's License or Free State Issued Voter ID when they vote at the polls.


During the last four years we have seen some major changes to our election laws. The Legislature passed, the Governor signed into law, and the current Secretary of State supported Same-Day Voter Registration, which has created the potential for voter irregularities and fraud. As Secretary of State I will fight to reform Same-Day Voter Registration and require all ballots cast by voters registering on Election Day to be cast as Provisional Ballots. Requiring these ballots to be cast as Provisional Ballots will ensure that anyone attempting to cheat the system by fraudulently registering on Election Day will not be able to change the outcome of the vote.


As Secretary of State I will establish a crime stoppers hotline for voter fraud to allow citizens to report suspicious activities or actual voter fraud and offer a cash reward for any tip that leads to an arrest and conviction of anyone committing Voter Fraud in Iowa. I will place this on the Secretary of State website and help County Auditors link to this from their websites and actively promote it.

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