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Moran: Cap and Trade Legislation Will Hurt Kansas Economy


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jerry Moran responded to remarks made by President Obama in his Oval Office address regarding the Gulf oil spill.

"Kansans want those responsible for the damaging effects of the Gulf oil spill to be held accountable. What they don't want is for this crisis to be used to score political points or to advance a political agenda. President Obama should remain focused on stopping the leak, cleaning up the Coast and finding out what went wrong to prevent future disasters, instead of pushing his cap and trade legislation. The President's renewed call for cap and trade legislation is the wrong step at the wrong time and will have a devastating impact on our recovering economy. This legislation will hurt Kansas families and businesses by driving up the cost of energy. Higher energy prices increase operating costs for businesses and will force many business owners to close their doors or move outside the United States. At a time when one in ten Americans are looking for work, Congress needs to be focused on job creation, not killing more jobs," said Moran.

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