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Mourning the Passing of President Ronald Reagan

Location: Washington, DC

MOURNING THE PASSING OF PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN -- (House of Representatives - June 09, 2004)

Mr. COX. Mr. Speaker, pursuant to the previous order of the House, I call up the resolution (H. Res. 664) mourning the passing of President Ronald Reagan and celebrating his service to the people of the United States and his leadership in promoting the cause of freedom for all the people of the world, and ask for its immediate further consideration.


Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, Ronald Reagan was great world leader with a fierce devotion to freedom, democracy, and the sacredness of human life-including the unborn.

He advocated peace through strength and played a major role in dismantling Soviet Communism which he rightly called the evil empire and stopped its extension into Latin America and elsewhere. I remember some of his critics laughing when he challenged Gorbachev in Berlin to "tear down this wall." They're not laughing any more.

Ronald Reagan championed the 1981 tax cut-the largest tax cut in history-totaling $750 billion by 1986. All wage earners-low, moderate and upper income levels-got a 25 percent across-the-board cut in personal income taxes. Long term capital gains were also cut and the results were stunning--19 million new jobs created as Americans began to believe and hope again.

Ronald Reagan was strongly pro-life and fervently believed that women deserved better than abortion and that unborn children are precious and deserve respect.

Having been elected to Congress in 1980 along with President Reagan, I saw firsthand and often how genuine he was. He was a man of abiding principle who inspired our Nation to greatness, always believing America's best years lay ahead.

He endured personal hardship-including an assassination attempt-with incredible poise, dignity, and even humor.
Who can forget President Reagan telling Nancy after he was shot, I forgot to duck.

President Reagan will be missed, but his legend will endure.



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