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Blog: A Clear Contrast On Health Care Reform


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Rob spoke at the Ohio Hospital Association Convention about health care reform yesterday and it provided another example of the clear contrast between Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and Rob. The story in the Columbus Dispatch highlights this contrast:

The GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, former Congressman Rob Portman, wants to repeal the new health-care law. His Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, says the overhaul did not go far enough.

Though the issue is complex the differences really are that simple. Rob further summed up clear differences in his remarks yesterday:

I believe we missed an opportunity for real reform and relied too much on government control, my opponent Lt Gov. Lee Fisher thinks the law did not go far enough in terms of government-run healthcare. He supported a "robust public option." I could not support legislation that was jammed through the system without input from both Parties, and without a single Republican vote -- and that we now know increases health care costs and the deficit despite the more than 400 billion dollars in new taxes and cuts. I believed it relied too much on big government, and he believes it didn't go far enough.

This difference provides a distinct choice for Ohio voters. If you like the partisan process and backroom deals Washington went through during the healthcare debate and you're happy with the outcome, if you're happy with the status quo, then we will disagree. If you think there's a better way; a way that brings people together to reduce healthcare costs, reform the malpractice legal process, give people more choices, including the uninsured, force the insurance companies to compete for our business, and does so without punishing seniors and killing jobs, then we will agree.

Contrast that with Lee Fisher, who said "Health-care reform needs to go much further than it did." This echoes his past statements in support of the government option:

* Lt. Gov. Fisher Repeatedly Supported A Public Option In The Senate Health Care Bill. "A public health insurance option should be one of the choices available and should compete alongside private insurers, holding them accountable, providing families more choices and helping to hold down overall health care costs."(Lee Fisher For Senate Website, "Issues,", Accessed 3/10/10)

* Fisher Supported A "Robust Public Option" In The Senate Health Care Reform Bill. "[F]isher said he would have voted for cloture on the Senate healthcare bill, although he favors a robust public option." (Erin McPike, "Fisher Eyes Energy Technology," National Journal, 12/1/09)

In the race for the US Senate the choice is clear.

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