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The Selling of ObamaCare


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President Obama has launched an expensive, government-financed public relations campaign designed to "sell' his new health care law to older Americans. The centerpiece of this week's event outside Washington was a $250 dollar rebate check that the administration will send out to the fraction of seniors on Medicare who qualify for it. What the Administration did not mention, however, is that for every senior who gets a check, more than three other seniors will see an increase in their prescription drug insurance premiums.

And that's not all. The reality of the government takeover of health care becomes more and more disturbing as we learn more details.

For your continuing information, here is a partial list of the health care law's consequences for Americans:

Costs $2,100 more for families: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has predicted that early retirees, the self-employed, small business workers, and millions of others who buy family coverage in the individual market will pay $2,100 more for their health insurance under ObamaCare.

$107 billion in Pass -Through Taxes: President Obama's chief actuary concludes that taxes on medical devices, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance companies will be passed on to health insurance buyers in the form of higher premiums.

Medicine Cabinet Tax: ObamaCare increases taxes on aspirin, cough syrup, and other non-prescribed medical withdrawals from Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs), and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) and limits tax-free contributions to FSAs.

No More Employer Provided Coverage: Several large employers are considering dropping health benefits because it is cheaper for them to pay the penalty than it is for them to provide health insurance.

$115 billion more in health care spending: Recently, the CBO concluded that ObamaCare will cost $115 billion more than it originally predicted.

"Medicare Advantage" Cuts: President Obama's chief actuary believes 50 percent of seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage plans because of these cuts. Seniors lose benefits and services starting in 2011 as Medicare Advantage plans start to eliminate services because of the passage of the health care "reform" law.

Seniors' Access to Doctors: Again, President Obama's chief actuary believes these Medicare cuts will have the effect of "possibly jeopardizing access to care" and estimates that 15 percent of providers will not make a profit because ObamaCare reduces the reimbursement rate for providers.

Noted with Interest: The President's Director of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, wrote this week to Speaker Nancy Pelosi "to urge the Congress to move quickly in enacting the FY 2010 Supplemental request" -- legislation designed to provide necessary funding for our deployed troops in Afghanistan. Interestingly, Director Orszag never mentioned the primary reason for the "supplemental appropriation" bill is to pay for the troop reinforcements in Afghanistan and our withdrawal costs from Iraq!

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