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Wilson Sides with the Liberals on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Vote

Press Release

Location: Poland, OH

Republican candidate for Congress Bill Johnson today stated his dismay with Charlie Wilson's vote to repeal the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.

Johnson said that this vote is another example of Charlie Wilson being out of touch with the values and priorities of Eastern and Southern Ohio citizens.

"Unemployment has nearly doubled in the district during Charlie Wilson's two terms in Congress, yet he still is not focused on the real issue which is job creation," Johnson said. "He should be calling on his Congressional colleagues to work on putting people back to work here in Eastern and Southern Ohio and all of the country, but they are more concerned about regulating military practices."

The "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy was enacted under President Bill Clinton. The policy has been subject to little controversy in the military. Instead the issue has been kept alive by politicians and the radical homosexual lobby.

Johnson says this is another case of Wilson toeing the liberal line set forth by Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, rather than representing the values shared by his constituents.

"Charlie Wilson continues to prove that he's no "blue dog' independent," Johnson said. "Instead, he's proving that he's a "lap dog' willing to vote Barack Obama's values rather than those of his constituents."

Finally, Johnson said that his military experience showed him that military policy should be made by military commanders, not politicians.

"As a 27 year veteran of the Air Force I believe the military should make the decisions on these matters," Johnson said. "Too often, politicians' involvement means that the focus has moved off sound military strategy and on to political expediency -- and that's not how our military should be operated."

Bill Johnson is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who resides in Poland with his wife LeeAnn and son Nathan. He currently works in a senior management IT role with a public traded company headquartered in Northeast Ohio.

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