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Berkley: BP Must be Held Responsible for Oil Leak Clean-Up

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today demanded that BP and other corporations involved bear full responsibility for the role they played in the massive Gulf oil spill. The Congresswoman also called for civil and criminal penalties against those found to be at fault and said that all clean-up and other costs must be paid from corporate coffers.

"Nevadans are watching in disgust as this oil pollution threatens America's shorelines. They are outraged at what has happened and at the continued failure to stop this massive leak. In the aftermath of this environmental catastrophe, I support tough criminal and civil penalties as punishment for those found responsible. The corporate interests involved must also cover all clean-up costs, payments to families who lost loved ones and assistance for those whose livelihoods have been decimated as a result of these reckless actions," said Berkley.

"The damage caused by this oil spill is another dramatic reminder of why America must end its dangerous reliance on oil as a major energy source. Whether it's pollution, the high cost to families or the danger to the U.S. from dependence on Saudi Arabia and offshore drilling, America must kick the oil habit by increasing our use and development of solar and other forms of renewable energy. We need to find an alternative to oil that will power our cars and trucks affordably, while also helping to limit pollution. And we need to tighten regulations and enforce laws so we protect lives and make sure that BP and others can never again cause such massive harm to our oceans and our costal communities," Berkley said.

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